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18 August 2019          
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The Tour Reservation Software is fully scalable and designed to provide extensive flexibility and varied choices. It is ideal for adventure companies, boat reservations, cruise operators, coaching companies, dive companies and any other tour or rental operators.

For your clients this system features: quick tour booking, registering on the site, obtaining discounts, and credit card payment.

Designed to integrate into either your existing or a new web site it allows your visitors to enjoy the convenience of a one-stop availability check at your website, instant purchase and auto-generated email confirmation.

Make sales immediately without time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your tour reservations staff.

You can also have the options to deliver an instant combination boarding pass and register receipt right at the ticket counter while you ring up your sale or pre-sell tickets. Generate more business and savings with the IMS Patron ticketing add-on.

Our Standard License gives you the right to own and run the software forever, similarly to buying a packaged software in a store.

The Internet is fast becoming the preferred way for consumers to purchase goods, including tickets.

It's an effective way to grow your business, improve customer service and reduce operating costs while providing an end-to-end solution using our desktop ticketing technology over the web.

Consumers, travel agents and ticketing offices who purchase tour, passenger, event and entertainment tickets from your website will also be able to immediately print their tickets from their desktop printer, at home or office.

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